In order to pass parameters from one JSP page to another we have created two JSP pages, as shown below: How do I forward a JSP request to a servlet? first up on create your jsp file : In this page, we have getting input from the user using text fields and combobox. WebThe data access was implemented using the JDBC Template and everything proceeds during the test as it should. Please check your email to complete verification. My JSP form use simple types (input text, date, checkbox). page will show the SubCategories under that category. Passing an object from JSP page back to Servlet. Or atleast with Eclipse so that you know how things work out. It will be difficult for me to find each and every functions that are doing some internal operations of API. rev2023.1.18.43170. for ex: after that create your servlet class: public class test{ Instead of using web.xml to map the URL requests to the servlets, we are using @WebServlet () annotation to map the URL to the servlet. Once the form page is submitted, the doPost () method of the Servlet class will be invoked. The field values are submitted to the servlet in form of parameters in the HTTP servlet request. So for the fields. You should make sure that you have specified the name attribute of the HTML form input fields (,